Health & Wellbeing

Experiencing sexual abuse, assault or sexual violence at any age can affect the way you view yourself and how you relate to others.

Survivors can experience difficulties with low self-esteem, feelings of shame, anger and betrayal. As a result, people who have experienced sexual trauma may turn to unhealthy coping strategies including problems with food, alcohol or drugs.

Members of The Survivors Trust London recognise the importance of focussing on health and wellbeing as a tool to help empower survivors and create a strong foundation for moving forwards from unhealthy coping strategies.

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Health and wellbeing is being incorporated into many different types of services, such as:

  • Creative therapy can provide the opportunity to explore your emotions through art, such as painting, writing, or drama. 
  • Self-defence training offered by The London Centre for Personal Safety can help empower survivors and improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • Group activities provided by agencies such as Survivors Together can include yoga and mindfulness, which can be a helpful tool to reduce anxiety and better manage stress. 
  • Survivors of aBuse have adopted a strong ‘health and wellbeing’ approach within their C.L.E.A.N.E.R™ Living Therapy programme. This combines working on practical skills to improve mindset, nutrition, fitness and stress management to empower survivors to recover from trauma. 
  • Health and wellbeing can also be incorporated into counselling and therapy techniques. Aurora Foundation for People Abused in Childhood ( provides a range of specialist, integrative counselling and psychotherapy interventions, which unites both bodywork and talking therapy within a safe, empathic and confidential space.

If you feel that traditional talking/counselling-based therapies are not for you, reach out to your local organisation for more information about any alternative forms of therapy they may offer:


  • Juno 
  • One in four
  • SoB
  • London Centre for Personal Safety
  • Survivors UK
  • Survivors Together